Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Number 1

Welcome to the first Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine! In the past 50 years or more I have accumulated shelves full of dusty old comic books. I want to share. I like to share. Mainly I want to pass off this old crap to you to justify keeping it on my shelves so long.

Every few days I'll publish something to this blogzine. It might be a story, or a favorite cover, or covers. It could be just about anything to do with comics from long ago when kids used to stand around the drugstore reading them and the clerk would yell, "Hey, kid! You gonna buy that? This ain't the liberry, y'know!" Ah, those were the days. Nowadays comic book fans have to go into a specialty comic book stores, when in those great old days comic books were available everywhere: the five-and-dime stores, toy stores, drugstores, barbershops, opium dens...

I do not want trouble with lawyers. Nosiree, Blob! The stories I have picked are supposedly in public domain, but if they aren't, just contact me and tell me to remove them. Believe me, I'd rather face a moonlit graveyard at midnight, full of Ghastly Graham Ingels' walking corpses, than one live lawyer.

...and that makes for a lead-in to our first story. This is from Atlas Comics' Adventures Into Terror #9, from April, 1952. It's a nifty, short little thriller drawn by Joe Sinnott. Lots of folks know Joe Sinnott from his time inking the great Jack Kirby on The Fantastic Four comics of the 1960's, but Joe is more than capable of inking another kind of Thing altogether, as witness from this carefully crafted little masterpiece called Talking Corpse!

Enjoy! Yours in four-colors, Pappy


Ger Apeldoorn said...

I had a message here, saying that this story is from Adventures Into Weird Worlds #5 and that you could find such information on the wonderful Atlas Tales site, but it has disappeared... why is that?

Mike said...

Adventures Into Terror #9 (April 52). Great suspense in only 4 pages.

Broken_Window said...

I'm having a lot of fun reading the horror old comics you publish, thanks a lot, Pappy!!