Friday, November 10, 2006

Number 51

Frankenstein Friday: Frankenstein Comics Covers

Most issues of Frankenstein Comics by Dick Briefer had great covers. These issues, #3-6, are no exception, sporting bold, poster-colored covers, sure to stand out on any newsstand of the era.

Click on the pictures for full-size images.

I don't own any of these issues, so I found these covers on the Internet. I especially like the cover with the little Frankenstein monsters. The cover of #6, with the steamroller flattening some people reminds me of the story, "The Flat Man," from the horror comic, Journey Into Fear #19, from 1954, drawn by the Iger comic book shop. It was the plot of a story which seems like it would fit into the funny Frankenstein. It was actually funnier because it was supposed to be serious.

Next week, should I get it scanned in time, I'll be showing the first story in Frankenstein #7. Be here!

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