Monday, March 29, 2021

Number 2508: “I suffered for love!”

Julie and Jeff are brother and sister; growing up together they are inseparable, going everywhere together. But then Julie gets to an age where she wants to go on dates with boys, not a brother. Jeff does not take well to Julie’s choices for dates. He acts like a jealous boyfriend. Right away we readers begin to think there is something wrong with this relationship.

The story ends in what I think, to say the least, is an unusual turn of the plot.

This story also brings out your old Pappy’s advice for young women: do not date a man with a pencil thin-mustache. They are always carousers and con men. Be warned!

Art by Bob Powell. From Harvey Comics’ First Love #4 (1949):


Daniel [] said...

What th—?!?

This story isn't just a mess; it's pretty clearly deliberately well beyond the bounds both of plausibility and of healthy psychological adjustment.

The art looks as if Powell handed it to his least able assistant, with instructions to mimick Powell's style. But maybe Powell just had to get drunk to draw it.

lord mikolaj said...

Uh, she is STILL his sister! This is one messed up goofy story! LOVED IT!

RickH said...

Not quite "Jerry Springer", more like "Dr. Phil", lol.

Brian Barnes said...

Well that's a nice, touching story ... WHAT?

Are you KIDDING ME? The brother thing is hard enough, but then the father thing? Wow. OK, maybe the mom has a point!

I don't even know how to parse this one it's all sorts of wrong literally ALL the time!

Rick said...

I don't care if she isn't his biological's still creepy!

Pappy said...

Daniel, lord mikolaj, RickH, Brian Barnes, and another meaning to "brotherly love," does it not?