Friday, November 30, 2018

Number 2267: Herbie goes through Hell Hades for good ol’ Peepwhistle Prep

In a comment for a 2012 posting, “Herbie and the Spirits*,” reader Kirk says, “I love the deadpan drawing style. It makes Herbie seem even weirder, and funnier.” A thought that might take me 100 words to express is boiled down to 14 words. Thanks, Kirk. You not only kept it succinct, but perfectly captured my attitude toward Herbie. Ogden Whitney, represented in this blog, was capable of drawing many things. Over his long career he had drawn superheroes, crime, horror, romance and even more genres I can’t think of right now. It seems only right that all of his skill as an artist came to a culmination in his team-up with ACG editor Richard E. Hughes, writing as Shane O’Shea, with his “deadpan” drawing style.

“Good Old Peepwhistle” has Herbie, at his father Pincus Popnecker’s demand, going on to higher education, Peepwhistle Preparatory School. He is invited to join a fraternity, Tappa Kegga Koke (ho-ho), until other frat members meet him. What else can I say except that Herbie is misjudged by people at first, but he’s more than capable of the most impossible tasks.

From Herbie #7 (1965):

*The “Spirits” story. Just click on the thumbnail.


Brian Barnes said...

A charming Herbie story, more a collection of gags than a complete story but still funny. I always enjoy the ability of the "villains" in our story to ignore the obvious. After their first plot why the hell continue on? Obviously the guy is super powered and all their plots are going to fail! Of course, wouldn't be much of a comic without them, so I'm glad they tried.

Good Truman -- but is the date right on this comic? 1965 Truman wasn't in office.

Daniel [] said...

Herbie also consulted with Herbert Clark Hoover in at least one story.

Pappy said...

Brian, Herbert Hoover lived until 1964, when he died at age 90. So I guess that theoretically Herbie could have talked to him at some point.