Friday, June 02, 2017

Number 2057: Airboy’s mad monkeys

Maybe I’ve watched too many zombie/walking dead-type movies because this Airboy story reminds me of a familiar story: the infected bites a healthy person, and that person turns into one of...them. So it is at Custer University, with studies of a deadly disease in monkeys by Airboy’s soon-to-be-married friend, Hal. When an infected barrel of monkeys gets out, they aren’t looking for bananas to bite into: they are spreading “malobia” to humans. In our computer era any word that begins with “mal” is a good hint that whatever infection it is, it’s bad.

The story is from Airboy Comics Volume 7, number 10 (1950). The Grand Comics Database credits script and art to Ernest Schroeder.

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bzak said...

I actually had this issue at one time. Loved the cover and Schoeders's art.


Brian Riedel