Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Number 1689: Black Angel and Baroness Blood

The beauteous Black Angel is back, and so is her adversary, Baroness Blood. These deadly enemies, one British, one German, vie for who can wear the kinkiest costume. I have shown another Black Angel story, also featuring the Baroness. The link below this entry in the sexy saga will take you there.

This story is from Air Fighters Comics #9 (1943). The art is credited to John Cassone.

Dry your sweaty hands, guys, and click on the thumbnail:


Ryan Anthony said...

Ah, those good old, pure comic-book social mores! Everyone has to get married when they develop lustful feelings. Why don't they just have sex and get it over with?

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

"There is no shame in being poor ... Only in dressing poorly!"
(Bunny Wigglesworth, from "Zorro, the Gay Blade")

Don't get me wrong, I like it, in a trashy way. THIS comic definitely should have been reviewed on "Das Schwarze Korps".
I guess even the S.S. men wouldn't have had the nerve to read it through the end, without admitting that Siegel the Jew was a much, much better writer.
I can't believe something SO stupid was published in 1943... can't imagine who could BUY it. And I thought "Futuro kidnaps Hitler" was silly! Even the British pilot with his Nazi-like cap looks like a complete idiot. And that mantle... even Hermann Goering would have laughed! I'm still laughing!
Nice gals, O.K., but... That Iss Ein Shtupid, Shtupid comic, Ja?

P.S.:The other story is better. Here in Italy the final confrontation between the two girls would have been pushed to the... limits... in some comics of the 70's.

Alicia American said...

LOL I luv this story, it's like all tha characters R cosplayers LOL!! Deb is intervuing a NYC cosplayer Negative Stacey this wknd, shes vry pretty & theirs talk of her cosplayering ME wich wuld B SO BADASS.

I wanna do a TV show about cosplayers that fite crime yo! OMG we luv u Pappy!

Richard said...

Impressive how the BBC reported the Black Prince and Black Angel "are very much in love with each other" on what seems to be later the same night they met for the very first time. Twitter be damned, journalism was clearly much more speedy and efficient then!

Pappy said...

Ryan, I'm with you! Get it out of your system before you commit! It's my philosophy...too bad I never got a chance to use it. Married my teenage sweetie soon as I got out of the Army, and have been married ever since.

Pappy said...

Alicia, I think your idea of a TV show of cosplayers fighting crime is a good one; if you sell it to the networks I promise to watch.

And Negative Stacey is...well, yikes. Very impressive. Maybe she could be one of your TV team.

Pappy said...

J D, I think the Air Fighters Comics were aimed at not only boys, but young men serving in the Armed Forces. They didn't care if it was stupid, just as long as it had sexy girls.

Any details that are shown in graphic detail today were left to the imagination in those days,and I'm sure there were some imaginations hard at work from those young soldiers, sailors and Marines.

Anonymous said...

Gosh-aroonies, Pappy, you sure can pick 'em! My head spins. What a comic! What writing! What art! What great German accents! What the heck did I just read? This comic gets you to some outer limits at the get-go and does not let up. I still can't believe what I just read. I've been slow to look at airplane fight comics. I just didn't know.

The bonus link: "B-but she's dead... or IS she?" A story almost just whacked. No, they don't make comics like they used to —as you so amply prove.

Pappy said...

7f7, I especially like the mock-German dialogue. In Baroness Blood's soliloquy from page 3: "Ah, he's so handsome...if it vasn't for der var, I vould haff him for myself."

This comic opera German...obviously when real Germans are speaking their real language they don't sound like they are in a Marx Brothers movie.