Friday, January 16, 2015

Number 1684: Rick the rocketman

Rick Evans was a rocketship pilot from Fox comic books...this is from All Good Comics #1 (1946), which is an anthology comic. Evans also appeared in Zoot Comics, and I have a link below so you can check out that stellar  appearance. (Get it? Stellar? Little spacy humor there.)

Rick Evans fits into what I would call the Buck Rogers school of science fiction heroes. In this installment Rick and his friends go to a planet of snake people. It is science fiction silliness — and despite that silliness, as the title of the comic book says, it's all good.

Almost five years ago I posted three rocketship heroes from Fox comics. Just click on the thumbnail.


Ryan Anthony said...

And the art is not totally unlike that of the not-so-great Lt. Dick Calkins.
I thought "Stan Ford" might be a pseudonym (Stanford?), so I looked him up: it was indeed a nom de plume used by writers and artists on Fox Features Syndicate books such as Planet, Zoot, and Jo-Jo comics, and Jungle Adventures. However, neither Comic Book Plus nor The Catacombs can say who used the name.
But you probably already knew that, Pappy.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Not bad at all, I'd say it's the kind of comic that looks exactly like a Republic "cliffhanger" serial with no cliffhanger... Average childish story, but love Serpo the Snake man (I'm an E. R. Burroughs fan).
One little thought: The Snake Men could as well have been a "normal" tribe of natives in Black Africa.
Looks like in 1940's-50's comics you, Civilized White Man, just can't leave them alone but have to "turn them to your ways". It's your f****in' mission.
Same for the "yellow-green threat" of second story... Those ugly green Siberians need a good Kick from Rick. Definitely "it's no easy being green" (or black,or yellow) in a Golden Age comic...
By the way Rick, you sadistic bully,I can understand the pretty useless (but decorative) Gal Professor, but why on Earth you take that poor Coward Sidekick? Leave him alone! Wanna trade those two helmets for one if you meet Jay Garrick?

Pappy said...

Ryan, I assume the art was some sort of shop job...maybe one artist, maybe more.

Pappy said...

J D, you know that pulp authors might re-write a Western by setting it on Mars, replacing six shooters with ray guns, etc. Pure space opera. So your opinion that the aliens could be blacks, or Native Americans, or any other race whites declared as lesser beings, rings true for the fiction (not just comics) of the era.