Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Number 1677: Where did you go, 2014...the Twilight Zone?

We find ourselves on the last day of 2014, and as usual the year went by too fast. Years have a tendency to do that. Someone once said the older one gets the faster time goes. Seems like it, anyway.

Or perhaps we are victims of the phenomenon of missing time, as in “The Day That Vanished,” from Twilight Zone #14 (1966). I have shown this story before, but these are new scans. The art is by Reed Crandall. The Grand Comics Database credits the script to Dick Wood.

We will all get together around the corner in 2015. Happy New Year, everyone! My advice is to not party too hearty. There are New Year’s Eves from my youth that I recall not at all. They are my personal version of missing time.


Ryan Anthony said...

I've read in different places that Reed Crandall is considered one of comics' best artists. I've never really been conscious of his art before, but I see here why he's so admired.
Cute story. Could've gone several ways. But I know why you posted it Pappy: it's a warning to your readers not to party too hearty tonight and "lose a day!" Right?
Speaking of which, as a former alcoholic, I want to second Pappy's words of caution about your New Year's Eve celebrations. I know too well about doing things you'll regret or even not remembering what you did while under the influence. So, take care, fellow Pappyites. And here's hoping for a great 2015!

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Happy new year.

Pappy said...

Ryan, about 40 years ago I had one of those pukin'-sick New Year's Eve celebration drunks. I woke up on Jan. 1 with my head the size of the Goodyear Blimp, sick as I could be. Besides being sick, my wife told me what my behavior had been like the night before while drinking. In addition to being sick I had the extra burden of feeling ashamed of myself for my actions.

I also thought, why did I drink to the point I made myself ill? Normally I would try to avoid the flu, not make myself as sick as if I had a bad case. No more of that for me. No more missing time.

Cranberry juice, anyone? A cup of coffee? Happy New Year!

Alicia American said...

Happity New Yeerz Pappity We luv u XOXOXOXO Pic of us 4 New Yrs: XOXOXOXOXOXO Hope 2015 is badass 4 u Pappy!!! <3