Monday, August 18, 2014

Number 1619: Tooteley-toot on Lulu’s magic flute

As I’ve said before when showing stories by John Stanley, I prefer when he goes off into fantasy. I think the Little Lulu stories which involve the activities of children are wonderful, but the stories Lulu tells her little neighbor, Alvin, are just that much more wonderfull-er.

In this particular bit of Stanley comic genius, Lulu gets a flute for 11¢, and finds that it has magical properties. Panels showing the effects are hilarious, including those of a cat and dog dancing. The story also shows Stanley’s opinion of the moneyed and powerful.

See Frank Young’s excellent blog, Stanley Stories, for more Stanley.

From Little Lulu #27 (1950):


Brad S. said...

Love those Lulu/Alvin stories! Was the art by Irving Tripp?

Pappy said...

Brad, looks like Tripp to me.

AB said...

I wonder if this could possibly have been inspired by Harold Knerr's 1913-14 strip "That Irresistible Rag"? It revolves around a character who plays a flute that makes people drop what they are doing and start to dance. Of course the Pied Piper myth might be the root for both.