Friday, August 15, 2014

Number 1618: The Marvel Family become “Ancient Aliens”

This is the third and final of our Spacey Stories theme week, today featuring the Marvel Family crew: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr, and Mary Marvel.

Have you ever seen the television program, Ancient Aliens? It’s the contention of the show that in order to get where we are as humans today we had to depend on help from aliens from space. Personally, I think the show stretches a lot to fit events into their theories. But, like the hosts of the program, I wasn’t there.

Which leads us to the Marvel Family, who become the Earth version of Ancient Aliens, flying to Jupiter, bringing some civilization to a race that is about where we were 40-50,000 years ago. No timetable is given, but it seems pretty quick to teach anybody anything, even how to use fire or spell “cat.”

From The Marvel Family #5 (1946).

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Daniel [] said...

I'm pleased that the Jovians were taught G_d's language, but puzzled as to how it weren't quicker just to send two of the Marvels back to Earth to retrieve some quality steel, while the third guarded the Terrans.