Friday, June 13, 2014

Number 1591: Earth people good, space people bad

After surviving the shock of Wednesday’s post with the devious Earthmen preying on the innocents of another planet, we get back to fare we are more used to. When it comes to people who live on other planets we are xenophobic. We’re xenophobic with those who live on our own planet as well, but here we have alien stand-ins. Tradition in science fiction returns: we are the good guys, they are not.

The two stories today come from Avon’s Strange Worlds #7 (1952). Gene Fawcette signed “The Space Gods of Planetoid 50”, but the artist(s) of “Sabotage on Space Station 1” gets a “?” from the GCD.

This ends our week of skiffy stories.


Daniel [] said...

Pappy, with Our Way of Life and the Sanctity of Our Women menaced by Venerian Invaders, we can do without your armchair, academic, woolly-headed theorizing about xenophobia!

Pappy said...

I stand, chastised, wooly-head bowed, Daniel.

By all means, we must keep those Venerian invaders away from our women!