Friday, June 06, 2014

Number 1588: The bride has crabs!

Here are a couple of terror tales from Harvey Comics’ golden age of horror, the early '50s. Both of these particular stories are tied together by having creepy crustaceans, crabs, as monsters.

First up, from Chamber of Chills #7 (1952), “The Crawling Death!” is credited to Abe Simon, pencils, and Don Perlin, inks, in the Grand Comics Database. Secondly, “The Bride of the Crab” is from Chamber of Chills #12 (1952), and is not a story of Pappy’s honeymoon with Mrs. Pappy, although I can be mighty crabby. The story is drawn by Moe Marcus. Karswell posted it back in 2008 in The Horrors Of It All, and you can go there to check it out by tapping the link with your claw.


Brian Barnes said...

I always forget how long Perlin was in comics, this has got to be a relatively early job. And it gives me a chance to mention Werewolf By Night, the Best Comic Ever (tm) which he (and Ploog) drew a great deal of.

These are the fun type of horror stories that read like they had plot details pulled from a hat, the kind you'd usually see from the lower end publishers.

"OK, the guy has just been turned into a immortal crab monster." Reaches into hat. "Ocean Liner?? OK, whatever, I can make this work!"

Pappy said...

Brian, Don Perlin knocked around the industry for a few decades at least. According to his Wikipedia page he worked up until the '90s, when he semi-retired.

Werewolf by Night was one of my favorite Marvels of the early '70s.

Daniel [] said...

“Only one thing to do in a case like this!”