Monday, June 02, 2014

Number 1586: Solid, Jackson!

Solid Jackson is a friend of Natch Kilroy, and another funny character from The Kilroys, a popular teenage series from ACG in the late forties and early fifties. Animator Bob Wickersham (“Wick”) did the artwork and Hubie Karp wrote the story.

The phrase, “Solid, Jackson!” was in use during the war years based on this photo.

After the war it was used in hipster-talk. Man, if everything is aw reet, copacetic, then you is solid, Jackson! I’m glad to see that according to the Urban Dictionary the term is still being used, but in reading their definition, maybe more graphically defined than 65 years ago.

From The Kilroys #19 (1949):



Big fan of Wick! That was a good one! Wick's art was great and the story was funny!

Sad to see you go to 3 posts a week, Pappy, but I do understand! I know it's a lot of work! You've got eight years worth of comic joy here, so thanks for everything, and lookin' forward to whatever comes next! More, MORE!!

I've said it before and I'll say it ag'in...Pappy's is the bestest comics blog EVER!

Pappy said...

And thanks for the kind words, Apocolyte...both for the blog and for the incredible Wick!