Monday, December 17, 2018

Number 2274: “As one Blue Beetle to another...have some fist!”

Don Markstein’s Toonopedia has three listings for Blue Beetle: the original 1939 character from Fox, plus the two incarnations from Charlton in the sixties. The story today is the 1939 B.B., from a story published in 1948 by Fox, and drawn by the Iger Shop, which means various artists were involved.

Dan Garret, who is a cop, is involved in a puzzling case where people are burning down their own houses. It was published at a time when there was a postwar housing shortage in the United States, and the characters make mention of that. I assume someone thought the housing shortage would make a good springboard for the plot. Dan is also the Blue Beetle, although as Don Markstein mentions, his best friends don’t realize the Blue Beetle is actually Dan Garret. To double the trouble, a fake Blue Beetle shows up to make the original Blue Beetle look bad. In “The Lady Firebug” Blue Beetle looks into the eyes of a beautiful woman and is hypnotized. Because it’s done by the Iger gang, and because it is published by Fox, this Blue Beetle adventure contains sex appeal for eye candy.

From Blue Beetle #57:


Brian Barnes said...

The number of people that stumble out of windows in comics must be enormous!

And Lady Medusa? If you are going to be an evil hypnotist get a custom! Hopefully one with wings the next time you fall out a window. Speaking of that, her pal got a pretty graphic end for 48. Horror comics right around the corner!

Pappy said...

Brian, I wonder if falling from a window was a New York thing? I know people jumped or fell from windows in other cities across the country, but perhaps in the city known for tallest buildings it had a special meaning. I think of a guy smarting from constant rejection on the Great White Way saying as he went vertically to the sidewalk: "I always dreamed of making a splash on Broadway!"

Darci said...

Hey, did they forget that the Beetle outfit was bulletproof?

People made fun of Lois always trying (and failing) to figure out Superman's secret ID, but Joan seems to have zero interest in figuring out who Blue Beetle is? She even had her own feature for a while. None of that "Blue Beetle's Girlfriend, Joan Mason" business, either!

Pappy said...

Shux, Darci...I know all about forgetting, so I forgive the writer of this story.

I am the guy who has a sign taped to the inside of his front door, which reminds me: REMEMBER! Phone, wallet, glasses!

I don't worry about forgetting my head, which Mrs Pappy sometimes accuses me of, because years ago I had a couple of bolts inserted to keep it from falling off my shoulders.