Friday, September 14, 2018

Number 2233: Blackhawks caught in communist time trap

The communists have finally got Blackhawk where they want him. They have caught him and his Blackhawks gang and taken them into the future, to 2100, a time when the commies have conquered the world. They supposedly took over the United States in 1965. The world in which they have taken the Blackhawks looks exactly like those magazine articles common in the 1940s and '50s, previews of “the world of the future,” replete with flying cars.The commies also wear abbreviated costumes, as if they stepped out of Planet Comics.

Blackhawk leads his tiny gang, still a potent force for Democracy, against the  sinister plot of world Communism.

The Grand Comics Database doesn’t know who wrote the story, but guesses Bill Ward penciled and inked the artwork for all three stories of the issue.

From Blackhawk #59 (1952):


Daniel [] said...

So, just what were the Blackhawks hoing to do with their prisoners? It seems as if the Blackhawks should have just played 'possum, left peacefully, told the world their tale, and reminded everyone of the problem of economic calculation (first noted in 1854), which makes socialism too blind an economic order for sustained, advanced technology.

Pappy said...

I did read what you wrote, and now I know that if I were a socialist I would not want to debate you.

But...within your essay there is a clew! You mention "students" so you are a teacher, or a professor. If you are a professor perhaps you teach economics and on the side build rocket ships and other things for which professors have talents.

(I have an upcoming posting of a two-part Professor Supermind and Son story. Professor Warren — “Professor Supermind” - has no specific professorial discipline listed, but he invents things such as an invisible rocket ship, a television set that can see anywhere in the world, and the electrical process by which he can turn his son, Dan, into a flying superperson.)

Kirk said...

Um, when you sit down you're supposed to lift your pants to keep them from creasing?

I'm not a communist spy, but I daresay say I would have fooled Blackhawk.

Fred Azbell said...

Looks an awful lot like the work of Reed Crandall.