Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Number 2232: Revenge of murdered men

When Fawcett quit the comic book business in 1953 the Captain Marvel universe disappeared for two decades until DC picked it up, and some of their non-Captain Marvel comic book line went to Charlton. That includes a horror title, This Magazine is Haunted. Before the Comics Code was implemented Charlton was able to use unpublished inventory from Fawcett, and also material which had been published, but could be reprinted. Two horror stories today have similar themes. Both of them are about guys who commit murder, and the dead come back to wreak revenge. That is Horror Comics 101; one of the most basic plots of all.

I am not sure if they were written to appear in the same issue, but they both appear in This Magazine is Haunted #15 (1954, Charlton). They are drawn by the same artist, Bob McCarty. (McCarty’s name is sometimes written as McCarthy.) McCarty’s artwork is usually identified by the eyes he drew, which are sometimes confused with distinctive eyes that George Evans drew; but where Evans’s style is slick and unique to him, McCarty’s can sometimes (as in these stories) look cobbled together from different artists’ styles. McCarty worked for the Simon and Kirby studio, and drew various features for comics until at least the mid-fifties. He looks to me to be another comic book journeyman whose work in those days was mostly anonymous.


Brian Barnes said...

I love the art, but coloring doesn't do it justice. I agree that it's rough and seems to be lifted here or there, but it works well for the stories.

The stories, on the other hand, are pretty bad but serve as good reminders of how not to write horror stories. Going to have a twin? Don't introduce that on the LAST panel, out of nowhere, and it's an element that is not even needed (the guy is worried, just have him go back to the woods to check.)

In the first story, I like how everybody takes the corpses word on it!

Pappy said...

Brian...what? You don't have a twin? I do, and he serves to take the blame if I do anything embarrassing or illegal. Everyone should have a twin. The fact that no one, including my mother, ever sees us together is a coincidence, and I insist if there is an act of evil, it is my twin, and not I.