Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pappy’s Favorites Number 6: “The First Batman”

I scanned “The First Batman” from my ragged old copy of Detective Comics #235 (1956).for a 2010 posting. It is one of the most nostalgic of all of my postings taken directly from my own comic book collection.

I mention in my comments that I haven’t read a Batman comic book in a long time. But from “The First Batman” I can still remember Lew Moxon and Joey Chill. How could I forget Joey Chill...? It is a great name for a killer.

Detective Comics #235 is still in my collection, but I have not taken it out of the bag since I scanned it for Pappy’s Golden Age Number 813. Go to it by clicking on the thumbnail below.

For those of you awaiting the return of the regular Pappy’s blog, my first new posting in two months will be this Friday, March 2. See you then!

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