Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Number 330

The Day That Vanished

The Hairy Green Eyeball is having a "Flying Saucer Week," and I'm joining in the celebration. I scanned this great story by Reed Crandall from Twilight Zone #14 several months ago, then forgot it until I saw the Eyeball's blog on Sunday. I posted a flying saucer story that day, too.

This Twilight Zone story has the aura of alien abduction mystery, missing time. That could creep me out because I've experienced missing time. But mine is more along the lines of, "Where did all the damn time go?" as I get older and my life hits warp speed.

Good story, and of course the Crandall art is great.


Chuck Wells said...

This is a nice, typical Gold Key scifi tale, but I love the smirk on Serling's face in the last panel.

Mr. Karswell said...

Rod looks more like Don Adams but yeah, cool tale.