Monday, December 17, 2007

Number 234

"'Twas the night before…"

Boody Rogers does a Christmas story that isn't a Christmas story. It's from Big Shot Comics #84, December 1947. "'Twas the night before Christmas…" features Slap Happy, the ex-boxer with the big feet (exposed to cosmic rays), and Asian caricature Little Yoo Hoo (sorry to my Asian friends for this one; I just scan 'em as they are, written and drawn 60 years ago). The story involves Mother Goose rhymes, and that's why even though it's set on Christmas Eve, it's not a Christmas story. But, as usual, Boody's wacky cartooning is great and the jokes come fast.


Chuck Wells said...

Tis a sweet, funny, holiday tale from Boody & Sparky (and Pappy, too).

Happy Holidays!

zen wizard said...

Pretty good!