Sunday, December 09, 2007

Number 230


From Race For The Moon #1 comes a tale of what happens when a society, unlike ours, can't deal with violent people. They ship 'em off somewhere where they don't have to look at 'em. Oh wait…that is like our society. Oh well. This is one of those science fiction parables that telegraphs the "surprise" ending by page two. Still, it's drawn by Bob Powell, and it's from a comic that's a sentimental favorite of mine.

Harvey Comics' Race For The Moon lasted three issues in 1958. Its title was an attempt to cash in on the Soviet Sputnik satellite launching in 1957, and the stories in the news about space flight and an eventual trip to the moon. I had a lot of interest in the subject in 1958. I was a regular space cadet. Beyond its title, Race For The Moon #1 doesn't have to do with racing to the moon. It's a science fiction anthology, mixing in a couple of reprints with new stories. According to information from the Grand Comics Database, "Asylum" is one of the new stories.

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wolfkahn said...

Predictable but still pretty cool. Thanks.