Monday, August 06, 2007

Number 171

Sex and Skeletons Part 3: Don't Look Behind You!

Remember when you were a kid and had to get up at night? I remember those nights, having to walk to the bathroom in the dark, with the floor creaking, the wind outside moaning, tree branches tapping the windows. Tap, tap, tap. What was really a walk of a few yards in my safe, suburban house, became a midnight walk past a lonely graveyard.

"There's nothing behind me," I'd tell myself. "Mom and Dad are in the other room. If I need to I can holler for help…" I just knew if I turned my head even the slightest I'd see that I was being closely followed by a monster or a ghost or…choke!…a skeleton!

I'd do what needed doing, then walk as fast as possible back to my room, get into my bed, throw the covers over my head, all without turning so I wouldn't see a grinning rack of bones looming over me.

The folks on these covers should probably not turn their heads either. If you don't turn around, the skeleton will just go away. At least that's what I told myself. But then, I didn't test whether it was true or not by actually turning my head and peeking…

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David said...

Love that last cover. Looks more like the gal is into S&M than scared though. :-)