Friday, January 12, 2007

Number 80

Frankenstein Friday: The Hand in the Night!

More Frankenstein lunacy written and drawn by Dick Briefer. The "Hand in the Night" is the third story from Frankenstein Comics #12, March-April, 1947.

Frankenstein is in the "advertising" business, and what he's advertising is part of the punch line to the story, which is actually the lead-in to an additional punch line about "Pancake Charlie." If you want to know what I'm talking about you'll have to read the story.


dakotageorge said...

Wowie zowie... 60 plus years ago, in a small town in North Dakota, a friend of mine and I were ardent Frankie fans. My only clear recollection is of an episode in which s plsgue was devastating the city where Fraknie lived. A wealthy old man, dying of the disease, was wheeled into the drugstore where F. worked to make a last request - for "a chocolate frappe, please!" - but his voice, distored by the illness, made it come out as "dog-bit bat knees" Frankie obliged, of course, and thus a cure for the plague was found. Oh, damn! That was`a long time ago!

william wray said...

wish someone would do a book of the funny stuff the old issues are so crazy expensive. I'd pay for a disk of the stuff.