Friday, October 27, 2006

Number 45

Frankenstein Friday: Frankenstein's Ark

This is the third and final story from Frankenstein #2, written and drawn by Dick Briefer, published in 1945. Check Pappy's archives for other Frankenstein Friday entries by Briefer and other artists.

The gag twist at the end of Frankenstein's Ark depends on knowing about ration stamps during World War II. Just about all essentials were rationed: gasoline, tires, sugar, meat…you name it, you probably had to have a ration coupon for it. Even magazine and book publishers had their paper for printing rationed. Because of reduced paper supplies, many comic book publishers were able to sell out entire print runs of their more popular titles. When the war ended, so did rationing.

The story itself seems stream of consciousness, like Briefer had an idea for a story that would end up as it did, but in order to get Frankenstein to that point the artist meandered about with various plot elements. He could have conceivably built a story out of any one of these elements, but chose to string them together in this episodic story.


Mark Mayerson said...

I love Briefer's artwork but this story looks like it was made up as it was drawn. In eleven pages, it goes in three different directions!

Duffs said...

This is hands down my favorite golden age comic story ever--it has the perfect balance of brilliance and free association! My copy has a ripped final panel (which a friend of mine noted was the best possible way to tend the story). So it's nice to see the real panel at last!