Friday, July 27, 2018

Number 2212: Lily Munster, Slave Girl!

Okay, so I lured you in with clickbait...using a snappy title to get you to look. It’s what I learned on the Internet. The posting has nothing to do with Lily Munster, really, except that Lily was portrayed by actress Yvonne DeCarlo, whose career began in the 1940s, and where she was usually in some sort of sexy costume.

Before Lily — the character she is most known for (thanks to the power of television in the 1960s) — Yvonne played roles in costume movies; in Slave Girl she is a motion picture fantasy of a harem girl.

In the listing for this movie, someone points out that Lumpy the Camel, who speaks, preceded Francis the Talking Mule by a couple of years. I have never seen Slave Girl, so I can only imagine what a movie with a talking camel would be like. I am already familiar with Francis and even Mr. Ed, and talking animals don’t tickle my funnybone.

This adaptation of the movie is drawn by Matt Baker, as Robert Lash, according to the Grand Comics Database. It appeared in Fiction House’s Movie Comics #4 (1947). I don’t know if the bondage element of the above movie poster appeared in the movie, but if any of my readers feel cheated because it doesn’t appear in the comic book version, I showed it because it is just more chicanery by me to get you to look.

In 2014 I showed stories from Slave Girl Comics #1 (1949), published by Avon. The story has nothing to do with the movie, but like the movie it is a fantasy. Just click on the thumbnail.

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