Friday, December 01, 2006

Number 61

Frankenstein Friday: The Curse Of The Flying Dutchman

Frankenstein continues his lonely hearts business and matches up the legendary Flying Dutchman with a woman who is less than a perfect match.

I was disappointed by the rushed art in this story; in the panel I've reproduced above you can see that Frankenstein's eyes aren't even drawn close to the same size. It shows some lack of care on the part of the artist, Dick Briefer, who drew it for Frankenstein #7, May-June, 1947, but it also shows there may have been very little editorial supervision of Briefer. Maybe this comic sold really well, no matter how fast Briefer drew it.

What shows through is Dick Briefer's sense of humor, and while the artwork is speedily done, the panels are well composed. Being the Dick Briefer fan that I am, when that's all I can say about a story then it's gotta be lacking, but for all that I think this little five-pager has some charm. This story is one of two five-pagers from the issue. The second you'll see next Friday.

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