Monday, November 07, 2011

Number 1048

Prince Robin and the Dwarfs

It's been nearly six months since I showed a Walt Kelly story from Fairy Tale Parade. The last one was in Pappy's #961, this past June. I wondered then if the story might have been made up by Kelly rather than taken from an actual fairy tale, and while then I equivocated, I'm sure this one qualifies as original to Kelly. I've used the word "whimsy" before to describe Kelly's work, full of funny characters and dialogue, and I'll use it again. Walt Kelly's whimsy carries this funny story, which, within that whimsy, also calls for respect for the little guys.

From Dell’s Fairy Tale Parade #9, 1944:

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Eric said...

I love Kelly's Fairy Tale work; I think it's his best effort prior to Peter Wheat. In fact, I just got a copy of this book last week! So while I don't need the scan this time, I'm amused by the coincidence and always glad to see Kelly material shared with more people.