Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Number 1564: Two Alarming Tales by Kirby

Two stories from Alarming Tales #2 (1958) make up my 40th posting for Jack Kirby. I could do a lot more, too...that guy made up the history of comic art for decades and examples are all over the place. I chose these today for sentimental reasons. I liked them when I bought this issue off the spinner rack in 1958, and was taken — as always — by the power of Kirby’s art. “The Fireballs” is credited to Kirby and George Roussos, and “I Want To Be a Man” has a tentative credit for Kirby inking his own pencils.

Both stories are credited to scripts by Kirby, but it seems to me someone else edited them or rewrote them to remove the exclamation points Kirby liked. He usually used two (!!) and if he had something special to emphasize, he used three (!!!) As an aside, I believe sentences are just fine ending in a period, and exclamation points should be used sparingly! Never use two!! or three!!!

“I Want To Be a Man” I took from the Heritage Auctions website, and once again, thanks to those fine folks for doing these great scans. In 2004 the story sold for a bargain price, $1,897.50, but was resold the next year for $4,600.00. I would guess it’s worth much more now. It’s not only very well drawn, but it has a poignant ending, which I sniffled over as an 11-year-old, and I find it still affecting all these years later.

(Note the name of the character, Ed Snowden. I kid you not.)


Kirby stories from Alarming Tales #1 here. Just click on the thumbnail:


Lysdexicuss said...

Fireball looks like Mort Meskin was involved; maybe Kirby did layouts & Meskin did polished pencils & inks. Kirby's inks are usually thicker in line weight.


I enjoyed the robot story "I Want To Be A Man"...was that really Chaz Bono? whrrrr...Jody Foster? whhrrr...Ellen Degenerate? whhrrr...insert whhrrr...well, Pap, there's another story I can't post (for a little while at least) whhrrrr...yes, robot stories get me right in the ol' whhrrr...nice post, Pappy-click-Pappy-click-Pappy-click whhrrrr...

Pappy said...***!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Circumstances make it unlikely that Meskin was involved and frankly I don't see it either. Around this period and with this publisher setup it would be more likrly if Stein w involved. And don't rule out Joe Simon, who was very hands on with these books, especially on the covers.

Pappy said...

Thanks, Ger. I also do not believe Meskin was involved. I am of the opinion the story is Kirby pencils with Kirby and others (probably Stein and/or Simon) on inks.