Friday, January 10, 2014

Number 1505: Gypped while talking to the dead!

Do you believe in mediums? Do you believe you can communicate with dead loved ones through a third party? Then you could be easy prey for swindlers.* All you have to do is read this cautionary tale from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby from Headline Comics #27 (1947) to see tricks of the phony spiritualist trade to separate you from your all-too-real cash.

For some reason, Jack and Joe liked stories featuring women who had learned hard lessons in life. In this tale the woman tells her story from prison, where she is serving a stretch for ripping off the gullible.

*I guess to minimize the risk of offending “real” mediums, the author tells us right at the start, “A great many spiritualists in this country are on the level...”

This is a chance for me to plug the book, Simon and Kirby Library Crime, published in 2011. It is still available. Ask your local comic book retailer to get it for you, or order it from an online retailer like The story I have posted today does not appear in the book.


Daniel [] said...

Gotta love indefinite sentencing. (In real life, one could get that operationally by imposing a life sentence with the possibility of parole, but that's not plausible here.)

You're certainly right about Simon and Kirby cranking-out stories concerning women learning hard lessons, and this one's a two-fer, as there is also the mark. I believe that this fits a larger pattern of women being treated with condescension by Simon and Kirby during this period. Their women are just all-around weaker vessels.

Pappy said...

Daniel, Simon and Kirby were of my father's generation, and if his opinion of women was shared at all by S&K and the men of that era then I can see why they treated women with condescension.