Friday, November 09, 2012

Number 1259: Kirby's commie kickass character

So many great characters came from Jack Kirby it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I had to pick favorites, Fighting American, created by the partnership of Kirby and Joe Simon, would be right near the top. I assume that the pair were attempting to re-capture the lightning in a bottle they’d conjured up with Captain America over a decade before. It's too bad Fighting American, the comic book, didn't last longer than it did, because it had all the elements that should have made it successful: action, humor, good stories, and did I mention action? Oh yeah, Kirby's dynamic artwork, and the Fighting American bashing America's enemies!

I believe Fighting American had less of a fighting chance on the crowded comic book racks of its era, and even superheroes couldn't slug their way out of the distribution problems. Simon and Kirby's foray into publishing came to an end, and so did Fighting American. ( be revived briefly with reprints in the sixties from Harvey Comics,  in a 1989 hardcover edition by Marvel Comics reprinting the series in its entirety, and more recently in a trade paperback from Titan Books.)

I have shown Fighting American before, last year, in Pappy's #1017.

“Assignment: Investigate the City of Ghouls” is the cover story from Fighting American #2, 1954:


Brian Barnes said...

The first real Kirby work I saw as a kid was the Mad Bomb stories from his later run on Captain America. Kirby could always draw collections of grotesques very well.

The Mad Bomb stuff was kind of silly (in a different way of this story, in Mad Bomb it was a political allegory that I support but was done very heavy handily), but the art was dynamic and the creatures were great.

Daniel [] said...

It seems to me that, given that the FBI promised to handle Mary's rescue but did not, Flagg really needed to beat on some agents until they need colostomies.

Tamfos said...

Really? we're talking about colostomies here? Really?